Opportunities for Youth

Lions Clubs have a number of Youth related projects that reward and recognise their achievements through various competitions. In addition, we provide the opportunity for them to support our Community through our Leo's clubs organisation.

We have listed the Youth Projects that Wimborne & Ferndown Lions Club support.
There are other Youth related activities which are explained on our national Lions web site.

If you would like to discuss any of our "Opportunities for Youth". Then please contact 

Lion Ken Taylor Tel: No. 01202 841735 or by using the "Contact Us" page and refer to "Opportunities for Youth" in your message. 

For more information on any particular Youth activity, such as the rules of competitions etc., just click on the relevant picture below.

Peace Poster Competition

Peace poster logoThis is an annual painting competition for children aged between 11 to 13 years of age where, as the name suggests, the theme is Peace. There are various competitions at local, National and International level where the winning entry will be invited to the United Nations Building in New York. 
There are also completions for the 7 to 8 years old and 9 to 10 years old with cups being presented to the winners at our District level which includes Dorset, Hampshire, parts of Wiltshire and Berkshire as well as the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.

Leo Clubs

Leo Clubs logoLeo Clubs provide an opportunity for youths to work together as members of a Club, and to support their Communities.
It provides the challenges and experience of working as a Team with Leadership opportunties by holding one of the various Club Aministrative Officer postions.
A good way to work with other, help others and enjoy doing it.

Young Ambassador Award

The primary aiYoung Ambassador Award logom of this Annual competition is to recognise the effort that our Youths put into our Community.
We have Youths who give up a lot of their free time by helping those, who are less fortunate than themselves, or to further the aims of various Youth organisations. e.g.visiting homes for the elderly; providing invaluable input to the Scouts, Guides, St. John's Ambulance etc.and working with the disabled. Also by initiating groups that help other children with regards to bullying at school, dyslexia etc. We have local, National and European level competitions which recognise their efforts and also provides the opportunity to win Bursaries to further their projects. It is open to Youths aged 15 to 18 year old

Other Youth Activities

Lions Clubs also provide various other Youth Activities such as our International Youth Exchange, 'Young Leaders In Service' which recognises Youths who perform Community Service and other programs.