Recent MIAB Activity

Lion Godwin Micallef at POPP meetingLion Godwin Micallef attended a POPP ("Partnership of Older Peoples Programme") Information Day meeting in Wimborne, for  over 5 hours, on the morning of Wednesday 16th March 2016. It was opened by the Mayor of Wimborne, and as can be seen by the photo, the mayor met all the various organisations there.
Godwin gave out about 70 Message In a Bottles, mainly to the public and 25 to the Police who also give them out to people.
In addition, he received a phone call, when he eventually got home, from a lady from the Princess Royal caring for Seniors group she will be picking up 50 MIAB bottles from him on Monday, for her group to give out.
Also a POPP representative then phoned Godwin to say she needed to  be re-supplied with some more bottles.

Last week the Quarterjack Surgery in Wimborne had requested more bottles, so Godwin took 50 to them.

It's hard work being a Lion sometimes, but also very rewarding.